Breaking Down the Climate Tech Investing Market Map
Concluded • Apr 5, 2024 • 4:00 PM CUT
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Join Jennifer Turliuk, Partner of Climate Angels and Climate Capital syndicate, as she delves into the climate tech investment landscape with real-world examples. Discover what drives investment decisions and learn about the latest trends in this rapidly evolving sector.

Meet the Speaker

Jennifer Turliuk, Partner, Climate Capital

Jennifer is an entrepreneur, climate tech investor, angel investor, technologist, author, keynote speaker, and consultant dedicated to driving innovation and impact. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Wired, and more.

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Disclaimer: This webinar is not investing advice and is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Under no circumstances should any information or content in this webinar be considered an offer to sell or solicitation of interest to purchase any securities, including any securities advised by Climate Capital or any of its affiliates or representatives. Further, no content or information herein is or is intended, nor should it be construed as, an offer to provide any investment advisory service, financial advice, legal, tax, accounting, investment, or other advice from Climate Capital or any of its affiliates (collectively "Climate Capital").