The Carbon Footprint of Digital Products
Jun 11, 2024 • 3:00 PM CUT
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The first step to reducing climate impact for our digital product is knowing where all the impacts come from and what sources matter. Join François Burra, Co-founder of Climate Product Leaders, as he goes through the top sources of climate emissions in the way we build digital products today.

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Meet the Speaker
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François Burra Product Lead & UX (Fractional) | Climate Tech Montreal, QC, Canada
I am a Senior Product Manager transitioning into Climate Tech after a recent exit.

For the last 10 years, I have been working with startups and large corporations as a Product Designer and Product Manager, and have had the opportunity to turn ideas into viable and profitable products. 
In my last experience with the Canadian Fintech Moka.ai, I led new product development from research, strategy, development, rollout and improvement. I was instrumental in launching our premium plan which contributed to being acquired by Mogo (TSE: MOGO) in 2021 for $64M.
Additionally, I organize product meetups (Product Circle and Product Tank) in Montreal gathering over 1,000 professionals, as well as being a speaker and mentor.
In my spare time, I launched a vegan investment club GIVE to offer to Canadians the unique opportunity to invest in a future that no longer includes animal exploitation, and instead invests in taking care of the environment and all beings.
Outside of work, I'm living between Mérida and Montréal and love soccer and deep house music.